Below you will find printable information on adhesives, trims and moldings for various flooring installations.


Trims and Moldings

Supporting Susan G. Komen For the Cure®

Get the softest step possible by adding SmartCushionTM to your carpet purchase. Our exclusively engineered carpet cushion enhances the feel and performance of your carpet, and adds 20 years to your warranty.

SmartCushion's visco-elastic memory foam construction softens every step you take and improves insulation for a quieter, more energy-efficient room. By absorbing and deflecting foot traffic, SmartCushion prolongs the life of your carpet by defending it from abrasive wear. And when it comes to spills, the Spillsafe Moisture Guard stops them in their tracks—preventing moisture from soaking into your cushion and subfloor so you can clean up in a jiffy.

Mohawk manufactures both carpet and cushion, so you can be sure you'll get a perfect match for your new Mohawk carpet. We also donate a portion of every SmartCushion to SUSAN G. KOMEN® for ongoing breast cancer research. Komen is the world's largest breast cancer organization and a critical player in the fight against breast cancer. Mohawk is honored to be a part of this important movement.

All Pet Cushion

All Pet AP73
All Pet AP71

Barrier Cushion

Barrier CB67
Barrier CB61
Barrier CB87
Barrier CB81
Barrier BW77

Smart Cushion

Smart Cushion PSC3
Smart Cushion PSC1

Value Cushion

Value Cushion P503
Value Cushion 507
Value Cushion 501
Value Cushion P73
Value Cushion P77
Value Cushion P51
Value Cushion P83
Value Cushion C87
Value Cushion P81
Value Cushion C71
Value Cushion P53
Value Cushion P57
Value Cushion P61
Value Cushion P63
Value Cushion P67

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